Artist Feature – Lawrence Coulson

Getting Back to Nature

After a three year break from touring, Laurence Coulson, one
of the foremost landscape painters of our time is soon to be
touring once again. To the delight of the art world, and his
many admirers, he will be unveiling yet another visual delight,
with his new collection ‘A love of the Land’.

Having used this time away to reflect on his past work and to
develop upon his ideas, styles and techniques, Coulson is now
hoping that those who have followed his career will appreciate
an even greater depth and emotion to his paintings and
embrace the progression in his style.

“Recently I have spent time going over my older work and am
now concentrating on developing my techniques, looking to
emulate the same technical brilliance and visual quality in my
paintings as was achieved by the great Masters of the past.”

Part of Coulson’s progression is in his technical production and
the changes that he has made from using canvasses to panels.
Panels require considerably more preparation time to treat and
prime the surfaces ready for use, but as with many things in life,
the more care and time that is put into something, the greater
the end result will be.

He says: This has coincided with a change of palette for my
work, with more muted sombre tones now being employed,
whilst continuing to portray the power and drama of our ever
changing skies.”

In his latest series of paintings Coulson has continued to draw
upon his passion for the English countryside, capturing the pure
and unadulterated beauty of the natural world and, through each
brush stroke, has narrated a powerful story of untold drama and
mystery, filled with spectacular skies and far reaching landscapes.

Rural locations have been the basis for my recent reference
material. I still love the coast as much as ever, but I have
re-kindled my love of the countryside; the heavy trees and
rich vegetation that gives our country its unique atmosphere.”

As well as depicting this breathtaking scenery, each of the
pieces in the ‘A love of the Land’ collection ingeniously
captures a brief moment in time for the figures that dot each

These figures, as well as providing a sense of scale to showcase
the magnitude of their backdrop, also allow an individual
interpretation of the story that may be unfolding, letting people
decide for themselves what emotional journey these figures may
be on, whether it be a
solitary person in deep contemplation or
a couple in love.

“I have tried to bring more complexity in to the landscapes;
adding a little undulation here and a greater sense of distance
there; whilst striving to retain the feeling of space that my
collectors admire.”

feature as published in Fine Art Collector


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