Work – Launch and Brochure Copy

Oriental Blend of Interiors UK
& OBI Lifestyle

Brief: Launch of Urban Resort range

Oriental Blend of Interiors UK and OBI Lifestyle Singapore offers a complete interior experience and a totally unique service for all of our customers. From our suppliers across Asia we source a select range of affordable home interior accessories and design led gifts, all hand crafted to the highest standards using a creative blend of materials, form, function and design, to reflect the perfect blend of distinctive Eastern influences with a contemporary western style.

With the fast pace of modern day lifestyles and increasingly hectic schedules the need to create the perfect home environment and a personal oasis of calm is now more important than ever.

To cater to this growing demand, OBI has expanded on our successful ‘Modern Living. Resort Lifestyle’ range and taken the concept one step further. We have drawn on and recreated the idea, image and emotion of high end resort living and from this, developed our new ‘Urban Resort’ range.

This stunning collection of stylish home interior accessories has been carefully chosen, combining the perfect materials, products and packaging to offer the style, sophistication and simplicity of contemporary SE Asian design. This range opens up the opportunityfor every customer to create their own personal and unique look, so that they are able to benefit from the calm, tranquility and beauty of Urban Resort living within the comfort of their very own home.

Brief: Brochure Copyrb

Urban fusion Summary

Whether you long to start your day soothed by the hypnotic sounds of a secluded Balinese beach, re-energise your body and soul for an afternoon in the minimalist surrounding of a luxurious sanctuary in Bangkok, escape for the evening to refresh and recharge your mind in the idyllic surroundings of Singaporean garden or perhaps to rediscover your energy and passion for life in the vibrant tropics of a Borneo night..

When you wish to fulfill every emotion and desire and live your life to the full, the urbanfusion range allows you stay in touch with all of your senses and escape to your own personal paradise at any time of any day.


With swaying palm trees, untouched sandy white beaches and the hypnotic sounds of the ocean, few settings can match the pure romance and natural beauty of a secluded beach resort.

It is this very essence and the laid back ambience that the urbanbeach range perfectly captures, conjuring up images of a truly relaxing surrounding; a place where it is possible to unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life, where all senses are awakened and the body, mind and soul are allowed to completely recharge.



The very attraction of a resort garden is in its introduction of simplified structure into nature, the creation of a space that subtly blends the exotic with the practical. A place that offers tranquility and peacefulness, filled with the soothing noises of trickling water, the striking beauty of the lotus flower and the heady bouquet of lavender.

The urbangarden range depicts the very essence of such an organic refuge, one which offers the chance to refresh and revitalise tired minds and create a perfect escape from hectic modern day lives.



Few places offer a greater source of energy than the pure abundance of untamed nature found throughout the tropics. These areas are so alive and steeped in natural raw beauty that they
bring with them a spirit and force that will rejuvenate the soul and renew a passion and vitality for life.

It is this perception of an undiscovered paradise that the urbantropical range effortlessly captures, drawing on emotions that encapsulate the spectacular power of a cascading waterfall,
the soaring canopies of leafy trees and the sheer abundance of tropical flora growing wild beneath.



To spend time in the stripped back minimalist surroundings of an urban sanctuary is to immerse oneself in a place of complete calm and perfect serenity. With clean contemporary lines, deep pools of the clearest water and the most delicate scents filling the air, this haven from the outside world offers the ideal place to inwardly reflect and re-energise.

The urbansanctuary range reflects this feel of simplified luxury and the chance to indulge in total contemplation for the body and mind.


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