Personal branding


If personalised number plates are your thing, then this is defiantly the place for you. For a small fee you can have pretty much anything you want to introduce yourself and your car to the motoring world.. and it’s got to be said that driving here is made a lot more interesting for it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has sped up to try and read some of the stupid plates around town!

While the norm seems to be the straight forward personalised name plate, there those that range from the downright arrogant and the football crazy, to the weird or just plain self promotional. Of course there is definatly a link between what someone has on their plate and whether or not they drive like a speeding hoon.


Some that stand out in my car chasing memory:


NICESCAR – it really wasn’t
PULLZALOT – doubtful, judging on the state of the driver
MOODYCOW – gave this one a wide birth
DIRTYCAR – strange choice for a nice sports car
MAN U RULES – we get it, you and a 1000 others love football
UK GIRL – why would you flaunt being a Pom ??!
– better than the yellow pages
– words fail me
ONEBADHOG – a close relation perhaps?
GEEZA – English by any chance?!
LAZYDAYS – a true WA slogan
BANNED – there’s one for the police to spot
JDNCOKE – spotted outside the doctors surgery..
8ATMOBILE – for superhero wannabe’s everywhere
RUNENLAT8 – love it!


One thing that always struck me about having your name written across your car, is should you be caught speeding, there’s absolutely no chance of claiming it wasn’t you!


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