hoon alert


A Hoon is basically anyone who drives a vehicle dangerously fast, or just acts like a complete and utter nutter on the road.

Generally speaking they are still young enough not to be in possession of a fully developed or functioning brain, but old enough to have potentially stolen the car they are driving. They think that doing burnouts, donuts or fishtails in a confined space is hilarious, and that leaving a set of tyre prints down the entire length of the road will mean that they have proved themselves to be clever, cool and hung like the proverbial donkey.

Their cars often look like something from The Fast and The Furious, and like magpies, they are attracted to big shiny wheels and over sized spoilers. Luckily for other drivers on the road who want to give them a very wide berth, these hoons often like to have advertise their illegal hobby of choice with carefully chosen number number plates, like BANNED or IM A TWAT.

Of course you can normally hear them coming a good 10 minutes before you see them, either from the deafening music that they think everyone else wants to hear, or from the screeching tyres as they leave the traffic lights.

There’s not a lot that you can do when they are keeping you awake at 3am, while drag racing through your neighbourhood, but since the state government in WA introduced Anti-Hoon Legislation in 2004, they are at least targeted by the police and any caught (which does actually happen quite a lot) will have their vehicle impounded for 48 hours.

Of course an air riffle would also be fairly effective in eradicating the problem, but apparently using a gun on an annoying boy racer is also considered to be breaking the law… pity.


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