Down with those Dolls

When you have children I don’t think that you ever really believe that you are going to start thinking like a parent, let alone like your own parent. Yet it happens, and I have to say that for me, the move from young and freethinking to old and paranoid is happening an awful lot sooner than I ever thought it would.

One of my biggest worries these days is making sure my daughter remains a child for as long as possible. In this fast changing world children are now bombarded with too much information and encouraged to grow up and face facts long before they are even ready to leave the Lego behind. Cosmetic companies now target the Tween market with make up for minors, little girl’s wardrobes now mirror their Mummies and mobile phones have replaced stickers as the must have in the playground.

Of course change is inevitable and for the most part, change is good. No one can dispute that the internet has opened up a whole new world, a world which children can now explore from the safety of their own home. But with the good change comes the bad, and the 24/7 exposure to all those things that we as children were so protected from. The sex, sleaze and violence on TV and the dodgy websites that are enough to burst any childhood bubble and catapult a young and impressionable mind into the unknown before they are ready.

Now personally I don’t care what TV or society tells us is the norm, or how Brittany or Paris behave. There is no way I want my daughter looking or dressing beyond her 7 years, or behaving as if she’s old enough to drive a car, when she’s still young enough to play with dolls. I won’t let my daughter go out dripping in jewellery, cover her face with makeup or totter around in anything with a heel higher than a trainer. I won’t let her wear skin tight off the shoulder tops or sport a gem stone in her bellybutton.

Does this now make me old fashioned? Do I care? Of course I don’t. I’m her Mother and that’s what Mothers are there to do.

So because I am battling to keep her young and naive I have to say that I have a real issue with those bloody Pussycat Dolls. Or more to the point I have a real problem with my daughter knowing who they are. A group of girls who have taken the radio and MTV by storm, all kitted out in head to toe from the Ann Summers catalogue and performing dance routines straight out of a sleazy backstreet strip club. I ask you, could there be a worse set of role models for a whole generation of little girls who now aspire to be just like them?

Am I the only one who thinks that these girls thrusting their over enhanced cleavage into the camera lens while singing.. ” When I grow up, I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies, Be on TV, People know me, be on magazines “ is the very last thing you want your little girl seeing, let alone trying to copy?

I know that if you admit any of the above these days you are likely to be accused of being unrealistic, of not accepting that this is ‘just how it is these days’. But I don’t care. The world may have changed drastically since I was her age, but that doesn’t mean I am suddenly going to lose all my senses and let her dress like a child sized slapper, dance like a stripper or cruise around shopping centers with giant hoop earrings, a diamonte studded handbag and a mobile phone surgically attached to her ear.

Maybe as she reaches double figures and out grows her ‘My Little Pony’ she won’t thank me for trying to keep the big bad world at bay. No doubt we will come to serious blows about what she can and can’t do and she will declare that she ‘never asked to be born’. Yes, given her already strong character and love of all things ‘High School Musical’ I would say that there is a strong possibility that this will happen.

But I would also put money on it that one day, regardless of how the world may have changed and moved on, when she has her own little girl stood right there infront of her she will do, think and act just the same way that I do today, and she will then thank me for being the uncaring, unfashionable mum that just doesn’t get it.


2 thoughts on “Down with those Dolls

  1. Can’t agree with you more! My friend, Julie Gale, is campaigning to clean up our airways so our kids can be kids for longer. You may like to visit her site, I’ve been campaigning in my own living room – graced by 3 girls, aged 7-10 years and my constant message to them is go and put some clothes on! To which they respond, but they wear it like this on the TV.

    It’s really very disturbing how we are unwittingly setting our little girls up for sexual predators.

    Obviously someone out there has shut their ears to mother’s pleas to make their job just that little bit easier – after all, I don’t know how many battles i fight a day to keep my girls in tops that cover their breasts and skirts or pants that cover their butts. It’s discouraging as a parent and inhibiting to our relationship. Then add to that doing guard duty of the PC because my kids want to track down all those bloody awful clips of the Pussycat Dolls who look like they are the street walkers in Kings Cross. It’s very wearying.

    Someone somewhere has to hear us…But my biggest campaign is to vote with my feet! I deliberately bypass anything at the supermarket that is branded to make my girls look like tarts. If all mothers did the same, they’d have to change what they produce!

    I’m not a prude. I am an aware, switched on woman who is a mother. It’s got nothing to do with getting old, but rather getting wise and if my being an “old fuddy duddy” at 42 is a tag they want to hang on me, bring it on if it keeps my girls safe for longer!

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Sometimes I often rather arrogantly think to myself “Well I turned out well, so these methods must work”, so I often deliberately do the things my mother did! :-))

    I agree with keeping children as children as long as possible. One of the things that horrifies me the most is when I’m standing in BHS and looking at padded bras for little girls ….gargghhh!!

    What they only just get their first boobs and we are already telling them they aren’t big enough? What sick society do we live in?

    I don’t let my children watch the news or read newspapers or magazines, I want them to enjoy their childhood and innocence for as long as possible before finding out too much about the horrible bits of the world around them.

    I warn them of dangers of course and I can’t avoid that, but there are plenty of things they don’t need to know about yet and so I conceal a lot from them.

    I let them on the Internet, but only on certain allowed websites. They certainly don’t get a free reign on Google or Youtube for instance.

    As for the pussycat girls, thankfully I don’t actually watch music tv, we tend to listen to music rather than watch it. I think as my daughter is no 7yrs old I would wonder about the impact of her seeing things like that.

    I even make my husband hide his magazines like Maxim which have women half naked and posed provocatively on the cover, because I don’t want her thinking that women are sex objects to lust over on the cover of magazine.

    Of course they often are, but I’ll keep her innocent mind as long as possible and allow her to grow without these influences as long as I can.

    I am old fashioned in many ways, I think it’s a good thing to be honest.

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