Bring on the Spring

Yeah, the cold weather is finally on the way out. After a chilly and incredibly wet winter (we were on the brink of building an ark in the garage) Spring is finally making it’s way around to Perth. After months of huddling around the fire and looking pale and pasty, the sun is trying to make a come back and I can already feel my blood slowly starting to defrost.

Without doubt this has to be the nicest time of year. The sky is bright blue, the sun is out and the temperature is hot enough to warm creaking bones without the risk of flambaying your brain at the same time. The UGGS and scarfs have been packed away and the multiple pairs of Crocs brought out and brushed down. The dog no longer tries to dry his wet paws on the couch and has instead gone back to sunbathing in the corner of the garden. Noise levels in the house have dropped as children can once again be peeled off the walls and herded back out into the street to play on their bikes.

Soon my complexion will lose its Adams Family shade of pale and I will be able to expose those parts of my body to the sun that have been covered up and increasing in girth from the ‘eating to keep warm’ diet. Nothing makes a body look thinner than a little colour, though I hasten to add that while the aim will be to achieve ‘bronzed v sickly’, I have learnt well enough from one summer here, that any fanatical sunbathing without protection will leave you looking as appetising as a burnt sausage.

The return of the warm weather does of course mean that the flies will soon be back and the spiders will be going into overdrive. I must now crank myself back into gear and back into the gym if the stitching on my bikini is to have any chance of holding. My slipper soft heels will go back to being as dry and cracked as a desert floor within a week and in the interests of staying alive, it will now take an extra 10 minutes to get ready to go out, as one by one the whole family is dipped in factor 30 suncream. Worst of all, I really will have to do something about my legs. After months of hibernating under the cover of denim they have taken on the characteristics of a Yeti. Quite simply they will not be ready to go back on public show until they have been taken to task with the garden strimmer and a good pair of secateurs.

Those few issues aside, it’s great to see the sun again. The best bit being that my laptop and I are back out in the garden and the view from where I am typing away makes writing even easier to do…


One thought on “Bring on the Spring

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