Off with their heads

I had to sit down with my daughter today and have a serious talk about ‘Stranger Danger‘. I hate that I had to do this, not because it’s a subject I don’t want to broach, but because it’s a subject I shouldn’t have to.

Yet here we are, living in a world where the unthinkable happens everyday, and the freedom and innocence of children seems to get that little bit more restricted. I know it might be no worse than it was 50 years ago, but with the media bombarding us with horrific headlines from every direction, it’s a subject that there is no longer any escaping from.

I think I can safely say that it is every parent’s worst nightmare to have something happen to your child. To either not be able to help them or to be left wondering where they are. Often the easiest thing to do is to block it from your mind and not even let your imagination go there, but in this day and age unfortunately pretending it’s not a threat is the worst thing you can do.

A few days ago in a nearby suburb, 2 young children, a brother and sister, were assaulted on their way home from school. The attack was so vicious that the little girl ended up in hospital. Both children will almost certainly be scarred for life. Just to think about it makes my stomach churn and my eyes well up. It makes me look at my own children and ask HOW anyone can do something so evil to a child.

Luckily the 19 year old monster has already been detained by police, but what now? Will he actually be put away for a length of time that fits the crime, or will serve one of those ridiculously short sentences. A sentence so short that it serves as nothing more than an insult to the victim.

Personally I have always felt that if it is proved that a man has committed a crime of this nature, then he should be castrated. No questions, no debates, no begging for second chances. Just to be clear here, I’m not saying that every man who is accused of a crime has his bits literally put on the chopping block.

Lots of men are falsely accused of rape by women, an accusation that can ruin their life and reputation. There are also miscarriages of justice. But there ARE some cases where the evidence against a person is 100%, sometimes the person even admits to their crimes. Chemical castration (which is already used for some sexual offenders) does not physically mutilate, it is used to alter the chemicals in their body and suppress the sex drive. If a person is found to be guilty of using their ‘sex drive’ to cause terror and harm to another person, how can this be a bad thing?

Why should someone who commits a crime that strips a person of their dignity be given a second chance to prove they didn’t really ‘mean’ to do it. The victim has to live with the physical, mental and emotional scars for the rest of their life – so should the attacker. I’m not saying the person should be hung, drawn or quartered (though even that is too good for some), I’m saying that they should have the ability to inflict harm on others taken away from them.

Of course many of these heinous crimes are committed against children by women, by their own parents or people that they trust. Any woman who hurts a child in this way is without doubt evil personified. So how do you deal with women like this? Stoning is to good for them and a spell in prison just doesn’t seem enough of a punishment.

I have never understood why the rights of the criminal should be put before that of their victim. Rights to be heard and to be forgiven, rights to be educated and given access to a pool table and their own TV. Crazy. If you don’t want to live with the consequences of punishment, then don’t commit the crime.

For those that would argue that many people who commit sex crimes can’t ‘help’ themselves, that it is something out of their control, I say exactly. If someone molests, rapes or assaults another person because a little voice in their head tells them to, then a few years behind bars and a slap on the wrist isn’t going to be enough to put that little voice straight.

If chemical castration eventually takes away the urge that motivates the person to do the deed, then surely if the urge is taken way then then a crime could be prevented? At the very least you could prevent that person from being set loose and doing it again. Castration could stop a crime that is just waiting to happen.

Of course it is unlikely that this would ever be seen as a solution, there are too many people who would say it is wrong. Lots of people say that capital punishment is wrong as well, but if it was your loved one who had been butchered to death by the person about to receive the needle, would you feel anything but relief?

I know that if the local prison needed a volunteer to stop these sorry excuses for human beings dead in their tracks, the ones who prey on young children and strip them of their innocence and childhood, then I would be first in line with a meat cleaver and a spring in my step. I know I would also sleep like baby at night (stupid saying that, I never met a baby who really loved to sleep).

Why would I be so happy to ‘bobbit‘ these type of men? Simple. I have children.


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