battle of the driving sexes


Men have always taken the rip out of women drivers for being the weaker sex behind the wheel. But finally the statistics are stacking up in our favour and truth is out – thanks to those lovely little people who insure our cars.

So why are women now considered the ‘Queen of the Road’? Well apparently although men and women make approximately the same number of insurance claims each year, those made by women are usually for minor bumps or prangs. Not unlike the one that happened to me recently, when a friend of mine jumped into her car to nip out and pick up the pizza, then reversed straight back into my practically brand new car while it sat parked behind on her own driveway.

The $4000’s worth of damage achieved from traveling just 4 feet was actually quite impressive. The door panel had to be prised out of the wheel arch, and I had to clamber into my seat through the passenger door for several weeks. Still, no harm done and at least the car was washed and valeted when it was returned from the garage.

So unlike these very minor sort of scuffs, men on the whole make bigger claims. Bigger as in writing their entire car off sort of big. The sort of accident that would make a dented door seem quite trivial really. Add to that the fact that 93% of all drink-drivers last year (in the UK) were men, and that they are also 3 times more likely to be killed in a car accident than a woman.

Still not convinced? OK. In another recent survey carried out by New Zealand’s Automobile Association (AA), they found that because men are more confident in their driving, they are generally less patient behind the wheel and therefore take more risks. After all, the term ‘Boy Racer’ didn’t come about by accident now did it.

And there you have it, indisputable proof.

So now that we have finally come out of the dark ages and women everywhere can hold their heads up high behind the wheel – as they reapply their lip liner, chat to 3 friends via teleconferencing and read the map that’s laying upside down in their lap – imagine how helpful this little video clip is to upholding the cause.

I guess this takes us 2 steps forward and 4 steps back, but then again, who are we to argue with statistics…

Ladies – if you want a good really laugh and can bear to watch it, click on THIS LINK.
Men – if you’re going to gloat, don’t.




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