Another Shark Attack in Perth

On Saturday (9th May) a 35 year-old man had a very lucky escape when he came nose to nose with a 4.5 m pointer (great white), and survived to live another day.

When out in his boat around three nautical miles off Point Peron, he turned around to see most peoples worst nightmare coming true – a shark having an early morning snack and nibbling away at his engine.19sharkDM_468x591

As he tried to push the shark away with his oar, he ended up dropping it overboard. And then fell in himself. As they say, when it rains it really pours.

As his boat drifted away from him, he knew he had to keep as still as possible, so as to prevent the shark from attacking. Not an easy task this, given that he was bobbing around in choppy waters and being eyed up by a killer.

Eventually the shark got bored and went off in search off his next meal. With the coast clear, the man was able to make a bid for freedom and was picked up by a passing boat.

I have to say it’s hard to imagine what goes through the mind of someone being circled in the water by a man eating shark, I’m guessing your life flashes before you.

According to the Rockingham Sea Rescue, the man was ‘frightened and shaking’ when he was picked up. Do you think? Never mind frightened, I’d say he was probably in a heightened state of shock.

For a refreshing change, particularly in this incredibly publicity led world, the man has refused to be named or to speak publicly about his ordeal. So I think it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing him and his pearly whites appearing on the next McLean’s ad.

Who ever this lucky individual is, I’m sure he’ll be looking over his shoulder the next time he goes out in his boat, and remembering to wear his life jacket.

I think I can safely say, given my Jaws related phobia, I would certainly never even put myself in the vicinity of a such a shark. Unless of course it was being displayed in a museum or behind 3 foot of glass.

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