Life’s too short

Today I sat down at my desk and stared at my computer screen. It stared right back. I rearranged some files on my desk top, re-potted all my pens and wiped the dust from the glass table top.

I then stared at the screen again. Still nothing. Though this time I’m pretty sure the screen stared back with attitude.

My keyboard mocked me. The cursor blinked on the screen as if to say “Come on, write something. Write anything.” My mouse even gave up taping his foot out of sheer boredom. He shimmied down the desk leg and went off in the direction of the kitchen, presumably in search of a piece of cheese. Needless to say he’s extremely grateful for being wireless.

And this is the part that I find hardest about my job. Sometimes my brain just doesn’t wake up at the same time as my body. It stays, curled up under the duvet, along with any inspiration that I might actually be needing to get the job for the day done.

Still shouldn’t complain I know, there are far worse jobs in the world to have…









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