Crimefighting 101

In the papers this week were two stories, which when read side by side, demonstrated that the world of law and order has indeed gone stark raving bonkers, and Mr Common Sense has obviously packed up his bags and left the police force.

First we have Miss Kausar, a farmer’s daughter in India. She went to her father’s aide when Pakistani militants broke into their home and started beating him with sticks. They had demanded food and beds for the night, and he had bravely (or stupidly, depending on which way you look at it) said no. Obviously having inherited the brave gene, Miss Kausar came out from under the bed and struck her father’s attacker with an axe. She then used his own AK47 to finish him off.

Next in the news we have Renate Bowling, a 71-year-old great-grandmother from Thornton Cleveleys in the UK. She went to her own aide, when an intellectually challenged member of the British youth threw stones at her window. Intending to give the yob a piece of her mind, she bravely (or stupidly, depending on which way you look at it) set off in hot pursuit and then prodded him in the chest as she told him what she thought of him.

In India, Miss Kausar was commended by the police for her act of bravery. She has been hailed a national hero and nominated for the President’s gallantry award.

In the UK, Mrs Bowling was arrested by police and charged with assault. She had to use her climbing frame to climb up into the dock and then plead guilty to the charges. She also had to pay £50 costs.

And the moron who threw the stones in the first place? Unbelievably, even though he left bruises on Mrs Bowling wrists, these were put down to ‘self-defense’ and he got off scott free.

Seriously? What is scarier? That the police saw fit to believe the sniveling little oik, and then shoved Grandma into the back of the van. Or that the magistrates, who are supposed to be in possession of a fully functioning brain, laid the blame squarely at a pensioners stocking clad feet.

It seems the days of wearing pants on the outside of your trousers and trying to defend yourself or your property are obviously well and truly over.

I remember about 15 years ago when we were living in Zimbabwe, our family home was broken into. The local police came to see us, and, if memory serves me rightly, said that next time if we were to see the intruders, we were to shoot them, drag them inside the house and then call the police. To my knowledge we didn’t even own a gun at that time, but there was the nice police man not only giving us permission to have one, he was also telling us we should be using one.

In the UK these days however, it seems the police really do seem to be showing just how little the ‘victim’ actually matters anymore.

They failed to put a stop to the Simmons ‘family from hell’, before they drove Fiona Pilkington to such depths of despair that she saw no way out, other than to burn herself and her daughter to death in their own car.

They also advised a mother in Warwickshire NOT to report a thug who had kicked in the front door and attacked her in her own home. Why? Because it might ‘inflame the situation’. Okay then. And there was us all being led to believe that the police were there to take the reports and then do something about them. Is that not why they get to waste tax payers money on their overpriced designer sunglasses and flashy top of the range cars in the first place?

It just wasn’t like that back in the days of Juliet Bravo – they got the job done. As did Cagney and Lacey, Starsky and Hutch and good old Edward Woodward in The Equalizer. And as for The A Team. Well, they could bring down an entire army with nothing more than a tractor, a sling shot and a basket of cabbages.

The police force today, it seems, can no longer even bring down the person who’s actually on the wrong side of the law.



One thought on “Crimefighting 101

  1. Don’t even get me started on this!

    They issued an idiot drunken driver a special licence because he is too stupid to use a bus!

    On the one hand, the police seem to be useless. On the other hand, you can see why. It’s a vicious circle…

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