It’s probably been a good few years since I felt really proud to call myself British.

Of course I love the history and culture of the land itself. The buildings that pre-date other civilisations and the great moments in time that have helped to shape the world. I also love the stunning English countryside and the quaint old country pubs dotted around.  Not for their alcohol mind, but for the unbeatable character and charm.

What I don’t love however is the politics. Our government has been so damn useless for the last decade that it’s enough to have you packing away your Union Jack and heading Down Under. Literally.

But the recent elections have revived my patriotic spirit and reminded me how glad I am to have the passport that I do. The British one I mean, not the other one that entitles me to BBQ’s for 9 months of the year and skin cancer.

So a few months ago, with elections on the horizon, I arranged to vote by proxy.

Volcanic ash nearly stopped my letter arriving in time, but luckily for me, the plucky pigeon in question was obviously far to determined to be deterred by something as minor as misplaced dust.

Perhaps he was jealous of those lucky Labour ducks in their luxury accommodation – and was looking for some payback.

Being on the other side of the world certainly gave me the advantage of time difference. I was able to watch the seats come in while most people in the UK were fast asleep. Seeing the country turn ‘blue’ was a strangely exhilarating experience. It was as if the population was willing on change, and the opportunity to start digging our way out of the great big hole the nation has fallen into.

Unfortunately time zones were against me yesterday, when it came to the final result. I had to find out on Facebook this morning that Cameron and Clegg were in and Brown was well and truly out.

Truly a BOGOF offer that even Tescos would be hard pressed to beat. I suppose now the country has technically gone Green – seeing as Blue and Yellow have finally come together.

I think it was the image of our two new leaders outside Downing Street that made me want to bring out the tea and cucumber sandwiches.

The new Prime Minister and his Deputy standing there, side-by-side, both young, well-educated and articulate. They emitted exactly the sort of energy and charisma necessary to follow through with what  needs to be done.

It was like a scene from ‘Love Actually’ and Hugh Grant couldn’t have portrayed it any better. All that was really missing was ‘Tiffany’ and some dodgy dancing on the stairs.

Surely now things can only get better – in the long-term, if not the short. But only time will tell whether this new alliance can put the Great back into Britain and restore people’s faith in their elected government.

In the words of David Cameron, “We are announcing a new politics where the national interest is more important than the party interest. This is a remarkable and very welcome day.”

Indeed it is.  Now for god sake Prime Minister, just don’t f**ck it up.



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