A right royal affair

Yesterday one of the most famous family trees in the world sprouted a new branch, when Prince William finally bit the bullet and proposed. It’s the announcement that everyone – especially, his long-term girlfriend Kate you might suspect – has been waiting for years to hear, and it‘s a piece of good news that really couldn’t have come at a better time.

For even the greatest of cynics, or the most fervent anti-monarchist would be hard-pressed to deny that not only do they look like a lovely young couple in love, but they also give hope for the future of our Royal Family.

That’s not to say I don’t think Prince Charles isn’t up for the job. I wholeheartedly agree with his environmental crusade and particularly admire his passion for nature, not to mention his love of chatting to the foliage. But at a time when the country has just hit rock bottom and is desperately trying to bounce it’s way back, the monarchy could certainly do with some young blood taking up the good fight and restoring the credibility the nation has lost in recent years.  A fresh-faced prince and his down-to-earth bride could be just the thing to boost public morale and put the UK back on the map.

All the love and romance of a fairytale wedding aside, the most celebrated nuptials since Charles and Diana trotted down the aisle is also predicted to inject a massive £630 million into the struggling economy.

Now assuming that William and Kate won’t be turning all Footballers Wives and selling their wedding pics to Hello magazine (really can’t see his Grandmother agreeing to that), the mind boggles as to just how many celebration tea towels and decorated mugs will have to be sold to raise all that cash.

Now it’s very unlikely that most of us would be lucky enough to be faced with this dilemma, but if you were invited to watch the happy couple marry at Westminster and cut their cake at Buckingham Palace, what on earth would you get them as a wedding gift?

Somehow a toaster and a set of steak knives just wouldn’t seem to cut it.


Taken from my weekly BLOG written for Treehouse Life.


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