When a spoodle meets snow

Charlie has had quite a few life adjustments to make this year, what with having to pack up with bed and his bone and move house, country and hemisphere.

Poor little Aussie pooch. Over the course of the last 6 months he has been poked, prodded and vaccinated to within an inch of his life. He has flown around the world in a tiny box and spent time behind bars.

He’s been chased by  cows and discovered sheep, got into a bit of a tussle with a swan and had a something of a run in with a donkey. He’s met relatives he never knew he had and encountered dogs he probably wished he hadn’t. He’s taken his first walk on a pebble beach, dipped his toes in the freezing sea and enjoyed the delights of Fleet service station.

And on top of all that, he’s had to get to grips with the rather strange Norfolk accent. Because, let’s be honest, some of the humans speak a little bit odd around here, so I can only imagine how the canines bark.

So this morning we woke up to snow and Charlie, who could cross his legs no longer, went on out into the garden on rather tentative tippy claws.

I have to say that for a dog born, raised and walked in a far sunnier climate, he did, for the most part, seem to enjoy the whole wintry experience. Though it must have been something of a shock for him to have to do his first wee of the day against something so cold it ran the risk of sticking to his doghood.

We’ve got l

We’ve got l

And for those of you who may be wondering ‘What is a Spoodle?’ here’s the answer!


We’ve got l


4 thoughts on “When a spoodle meets snow

  1. Hi,

    Just found your blog during my search for info on spoodles. I understood them to be working cockers crossed with poodles. The working cockers are different from the show cockers or the American cockers. They are more like Springers apparently.

      1. Hi Rachel, Have loved reading about Charlie as I have a 6 month female spoodle (Billi) and she is the double of Charlie! Billi is a springer spaniel/poodle cross but a spoodle can be any of the spaniel crosses – English/Americal Cocker or Springer. What ever spaniel they are crossed with doesn’t matter as they are wonderful dogs anyway. I too live in Perth but originate from England and have often wondered how Billi would handle the cold weather. Billi is also a “bolter” but I’ve taught her to come back (she comes back at least 70% of the time) by squeeking a toy and giving her a treat every time it squeeks although sometimes I squeek the toy until until there’s hardly any squeek left in it but she won’t come back! It seems to be all about the distraction factor and I think if she had the opportunity to chase horses she probably would ignore the squeeker. All the best with Charlie. Suzanne

      2. Hi Suzanne

        Thanks for the tip, I think I’ll have to give that a go! He has got much better, but that first sniff of freedom through an open door and even a large block of cheese wouldn’t tempt him back!

        Rachel 🙂

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