The King’s Speech

Watched ‘The King’s Speech’ today – a fantastic film about a stuttering King George VI as he struggled to overcome his fear of public speaking and that newfangled contraption, the microphone.

All the main characters – played by Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter – produced Oscar-winning (or so you’d like to hope) performances, particularly Colin Firth, who had the King down to such a T that it’s almost hard to tell the difference between his speech and the original (link below).

I’d definitely recommend going to see this film, even if you’re not a great fan of royal dramas or heavy going period pieces. Not only is it historically interesting, but it’s incredibly funny as well. All in all it’ll make you feel proud to be British.

Unless of course you aren’t British, in which case you’ll probably just make comments about the point of the monarchy and laugh at the clipped aristocratic accents.

Anyway, God Save the King and all that.


Watch the trailer..


Listen to the original broadcast..



5 thoughts on “The King’s Speech

  1. A well crafted piece of entertainment built around a couple of flashy but engaging performances from Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Good review, check out mine when you can!

  2. Lucky me, I saw this film in Leichester Square with hundreds of other British. Had I not been in that audience, I would not have realized it was a funny movie 🙂

    Found you via Expat Women. I love the Oscar Wilde quote.

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