Life in Oz Blog

For the 1000’s who hotfoot it ‘Down Under’ every year, it’s often a journey in search of a higher income, a bigger house, a better life or just a year-round tan.  Making such a move can be a daunting decision; planning the relocation can be a monumental task.  Not knowing what to expect when you arrive can sometimes be the biggest nail bitter of all; it’s a big enough reason for some not to make the move at all.

But if you are thinking of packing up your sunnies and heading south, and your knowledge of Aussie life is limited only to the neighbours of Ramsey Street and Summer Bay, then here is the inside scoop on what life was like for me at the bottom of the world.

Spoiler alert: I should probably point out that I am a ‘Ping Pom’.  In other words, since starting this blog I have returned to the UK.  Choosing to leave Australia doesn’t mean I hated everything about the time I spent there, far from it really, I have a whole host of happy memories.  Making the decision to hotfoot it ‘Back Up Top’ just meant that we came to the realisation that Perth wasn’t the right place for us to grow old, wrinkly and grey.

So, just to state the blindingly obvious, and save my screen from any further cyber-bashing, everything I write is based purely on my OWN personal opinions, observations and experiences whilst living in Perth.  If you don’t agree with what I say, or think I’m wrong, stupid or just plain rude, then that’s fine, just don’t expect me to approve any ‘stupid Pom’ insults!

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